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Skin Care Oils

Skin Care Oils

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Time to upgrade your nighttime skincare routine

½ Ltr Coconut Oil  - 350/-

½ Ltr Black Sesame Oil - 270/-

¼ Ltr Almond Oil - 570/-


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1 Coconut Oil

It helps you lose weight: It helps you lose weight when they replace long-chain triglycerides (like those from soybean and canola oil) in your diet.

It helps with memory disorders: coconut oil improved the memory problems their older subjects were experiencing. All patients felt the benefits of coconut oil in the study and saw a marked improvement in their recall ability after taking the fatty acid.

It promotes heart health: Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. That may not sound like a positive but the saturated fats in coconuts work in a different way than those found in animal-derived foods like butter, cream, cheese, and meat.

It's a great moisturizer for your skin and hair: Coconut oil can improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin. Coconut oil can also be very protective against hair damage. If you have dandruff or dry hair, coconut oil is chock full of fatty acids that can improve these conditions.

2 Black Seasame Oil Uses

Will Aid In Hair Care: Sesame oil may have traditionally been used to improve hair health, according to a study published in the Pharmacognosy Reviews. The 2014 study conducted on the bioactive components of black sesame oil revealed that it may help retain the natural hair color and minimize hair loss. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial effects of gingelly oil can help eliminate pathogens or foreign bodies that can attack your scalp or hair.

Will Help in Diabetes Management: A pilot study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2006, found that adding sesame oil to the diet may help manage the plasma glucose levels in hypertensive diabetic adults. It may also be helpful in lowering high blood pressure in this same population. More research conducted on a larger sample is needed to support these initial findings.

Will Aid In Skin Care: Gingelly oil may be rich in zinc, given it is extracted from zinc-rich sesame seeds. Zinc is one of the most important minerals for your skin. It might increase skin elasticity and smoothness and reduce oxidative stress, thereby helping reduce the appearance of age spots and premature aging.
A 2018 study conducted by researchers at California State University, US, revealed that applying sesame oil topically to the skin may help create a protective layer and protect skin from harmful UV rays. In some places, sesame oil has even been used to treat fungal diseases on the skin.

Will Protect Heart Health: Sesame oil is a heart-friendly oil because of its fatty acid content. According to research conducted and published in the study the “Effect of sesame oil on serum and liver lipid profiles in the rat”, the oil may lower bad cholesterol levels as it may contain a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including sesamol and sesamin. These fatty acids keep the cardiovascular system strong and the LDL cholesterol levels low, thereby preventing atherosclerosis. You may be better protected from a heart attack and stroke if you add the oil to your diet; however, more research is needed to substantiate these initial findings.

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