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Cold Pressed Coconut Hair Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Hair Oil

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Our wood pressed coconut oil is a highly nutritious oil when added to regular diet improves good cholesterol, stabilizes sugar levels and may boost immunity. It is also an emollient oil that can be used to condition and soften hair and skin. It works as moisturizer for the body and if used regularly, makes your skin smooth and even textured. When used on the hair it works as an effect conditioner. Cold pressed coconut oil is ideal for treating dry sensitive skin and damaged hair. Highly recommended for baby massage.

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  • Our coconut oil is 100% pure, cold pressed, chemical-free, preservative-free and healthy
  • We use the best quality coconut copras procured from highly ethical farmers in small batches, and each lot is physically verified for the quality.
  • We extract coconut oil in Kachi Ghani’s by wood pressing the seeds, this method ensures that all the nutrients and the rich flavour of coconut is retained since the Ghani moves at a very slow speed of 4-7 rounds a minute and therefore almost no heat is generated at any point.
  • Contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Can be used as a healthier substitute for butter
  • Better substitute for refined coconut oil as no chemicals and preservatives are used.

1 Protect your skin from UV Rays

When applied to your skin, coconut oil may protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which raise your risk of skin cancer and cause wrinkling and brown spots.

In fact, one study found that coconut oil blocks about 20% of the sun’s UV rays.

However, keep in mind that it doesn’t provide the same protection as conventional sunscreen, which blocks about 90% of UV rays.

Another study estimated that coconut oil has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 7, which is still lower than the minimum recommendation in some countries.

2 Improve brain function

The MCTs in coconut oil are broken down by your liver and turned into ketones, which can act as an alternative energy source for your brain.

3 Moisturize your skin

Coconut oil makes a wonderful moisturizer for your legs, arms, and elbows.

You can use it on your face as well — though this isn’t recommended for those with very oily skin.

It can also help repair cracked heels. Simply apply a thin coat to your heels at bedtime, put on socks, and continue on a nightly basis until your heels are smooth.

4 Helps in fighting infection

Virgin coconut oil has antibacterial properties that can help treat infections.

5 Protect your hair from damage

Coconut oil can help keep your hair healthy.

One study compared the effects of coconut oil, mineral oil, and sunflower oil on hair.

Only coconut oil significantly reduced protein loss from hair when applied before or after shampooing. This result occurred with damaged as well as healthy hair.

Researchers concluded that the unique structure of lauric acid — the main fatty acid in coconut oil — can penetrate the hair shaft in a way that most other fats can’t.

6 Remove stains

Coconut oil can be used to get rid of stains, including spills on carpets and furniture.

Combine one part coconut oil with one part baking soda and mix into a paste. Apply to the stain, wait five minutes, and wipe away.

7 Natural deodorant

While sweat itself has no smell, the bacteria living on your skin can produce undesirable odors.

Coconut oil’s strong antibacterial properties make it a great natural deodorant that contains no chemicals.

You can find many easy recipes for deodorants made with coconut oil and other natural ingredients online.

8 Heal ragged cuticles

Coconut oil can be used to improve your cuticles, including hangnails.

Simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to your cuticles and massage for a few moments. Do this several times a week for best results.

9 Make your wood furniture shine

Coconut oil may help keep your furniture looking shiny and polished.

In addition to bringing out the beauty in natural wood, it seems to act as a dust repellent. Plus, it has a pleasant, delicate aroma — unlike many commercial furniture polishes that contain strong fragrances.

10 Remove eye makeup

Coconut oil is a gentle and effective eye makeup remover. Apply with a cotton pad and wipe gently until all traces of makeup are gone.

11 Soothe chapped lips

Coconut oil makes an ideal natural lip balm.

It glides on smoothly, leaves your lips moist for hours, and even provides some protection from the sun.

Ayurvedic Uses of Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

  • Hair & Body Massage: Warm a small amount and apply the oil and gently massage it into your hair and body. Let it absorb 30-45 minutes and let the oil remove oil impurities and finally a warm shower.
  • Oil Pulling: Take a tablespoon of our wood pressed coconut oil into your mouth and squish for up to 20 minutes. Follow by rinsing with warm water. Do it every day to for improved mouth hygiene along with your usual everyday brushing routine.
  • Nasya Treatment: Gently massage a bit of our cold pressed coconut oil into your nostrils followed by pinching and releasing the nostrils breathing sharply to protect your nose and sinuses.